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Selections adapted from Fr. John J. Nacca's

"True Stories You'll Love and Remember"

When St. Bernadine of Siena, who was short and thin, walked through the city, some children would throw stones at his ankles. To his friends who resented this, he said that those stones helped him to walk more securely on the road to Paradise.

When we offer up the unjust insults and injuries of life, and unite them to Christ's sacrifice, they become pleasing to God and makes us more like our Lord and Master.

While two nuns were begging for the poor, a young worker shouted an obscene oath from a construction scaffold and forcefully hurled a loaf of hard bread at them. One of the nuns, struck squarely in the face, said, when she recovered from the shock, "Thank you , brother! It will serve to appease the hunger of one of our old men. We have about three hundred of them."

Soon afterwards the young man caught up with them. "Forgive me." he said. "I'm a wretched character. Forgive me..."and he gave them his lunch.

Our good example as Christ's followers can often soften the hardest of hearts!

"But even if you should suffer because of righteousness, blessed are you." (1 Pet. 3:14)


Unfortunately, one injustice usually brings on a hundred. (A. Manzoni)

The Roman philosopher and moralist, Seneca, was condemned to death by the cruel Nero, whom he had taught.

When she heard of the sentence, his wife cried because he had been condemned to death even though he had done no wrong.

He answered, "Well, that is exactly what should console you - the fact that I have done no wrong. Precisely because I feel that I have been condemned unjustly, I do not feel the bitterness of the moment, and my innocence will condemn to eternal detestation the memory of my sovereign."

When as Christians we suffer unjustly, and offer that suffering up to our Heavenly Father, we can be sure that we are in good company, since Jesus our Savior also suffered injustice, and endured it with humility for our sakes.

"He who condones the wicked, he who condemns the just, are both an abomination to the Lord." (Proverbs 17:15)


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