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About Prayer...


About Prayer

Prayer is the language we use to communicate with God. Prayer can be speaking to God out-loud, or it can be thought. All prayer should ideally be a realization that God is our Creator and Savior, that we depend on Him, and Adore Him above all else. Prayer can be a request or petition to God for some worthwhile purpose, it can be in thanksgiving to our Creator for our blessings in general, or a specific gift. Prayer can be about most any topic, and can take place anytime in private or in a crowded public place. Many people wonder or ask; "How can I pray?" Let us look into that topic for a few moments.

There are many different forms or types of prayer, for example:

Spontaneous prayer - when we speak to God extemporaneously, when we say or think what comes to mind. This is also known as informal prayer. Millions of people use this form of prayer daily.

Formal prayer - when we speak to God using prayers that we have learned from others. In the broadest sense, this can include acts of public worship, such as the Mass or other church-related public services, such as a baptism or wedding. But it can also be prayers that are said individually or in small groups. Formal prayer is a very common means of praying, and is used by millions of people daily. Note: it is also common for people to use both formal and informal prayer.

Some people have been taught that saying rote, memorized or learned prayers is unBiblical - but this need not be so. Jesus Himself used repititous prayers, as we see during the Lord's agony in the garden - "Withdrawing again, He [Jesus] prayed, saying the same thing." (Mk. 14:39, cf. Mt.26:44) What the Bible has taught is that vain, repetitious prayers are wrong. But we see in Revelations examples of repetitious prayers in heaven, and the story of the tax collector in Luke 18:13 are just some examples of repeated prayers that Scripture provides us as being pleasing to God.

Keep in mind too that when the Apostles asked Jesus to teach them to pray, our Savior gave them the words of the "Our Father" - the Lord didn't tell them to pray 'off the cuff.' So it is clear that repeated prayers that are learned or memorized are acceptable to God, as are spontaneous prayer. The key lesson is that we should pray daily, or as the Apostle Paul suggests, we should make our day into a prayer - an offering of our thoughts, words and deeds that are acceptable to God.

Let us look at some specific prayers and devotions, to help you to pray, or to give you ideas on how to pray. We will begin with the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples, in a commonly known version of "the Lord's Prayer" also known as "the Our Father."

Our Father - who art in heaven. Hallowed be Thy Name! Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses. As we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil - Amen!

Some thoughts - trespass is often translated as 'sins,' 'faults' or 'transgressions.' There is also an centuries-old doxology, or ending, that is often attached to this prayer: "For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, now and forever!" Though these words are not in the Bible, they are a beautiful prayer in themselves, or in addition to the Lord's Prayer. "Amen" is a prayer of its own - it is from the ancient Hebrew and means "So Be It!". Thus it is a strong affirmation that what we have just prayed should be so.

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Let us consider some other examples of prayers:

Since the early days of printing, prayer cards have been used by the faithful. Such prayer cards typically have an sacred image to help us focus our prayer, and also suggest words that can be prayed. Let us look at some examples of the use of prayer cards.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - modern print of an ancient devotion.

Novenas are prayers said over a nine day period-another ancient form of prayer.

The prayer of St. Francis of Assisi-one of the most popular saints in history.

If you would like to send us a prayer card for possible inclusion on this web site, please go to the Contact Us! page for our mailing address. We would like to build up a large collection of sacred images and prayers cards to be used on this web site. Since this is again becoming a popular form of devotion among believers, we hope to encourage prayer through the examples we've provided, and the ones good folks like you will send! Please send only those cards, or a good image on disk of prayer cards, that you don't mind parting with - we can't be responsible for postal errors, and want to avoid mistakes of our own!

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Singing can also be a form of prayer. The bishop of Hippo in the early 400s, said that we pray twice when we sing. Visit our "Ultimate Catholic Midi Collection" Your favorite songs could be sent to us on disk, preferably in a "midi" formats. You can get our address through the Contact Us! page - and thanks in advance for your submissions! If you'd like to send midis over the 'net, drop us a message, and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

The Rosary is like a sword or wepon the Mother of God can use to cut down hersery and the forces of evil.
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"The Papacy, a Catholic and Protestant Conversation"by Kelvin Chia

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