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Editor's note: The writings of saintly men and women, such as the one below, are inspirations which can be thought of as 'private revelations,' something different then Biblical Revelations, but which can help us to understand and strengthen our desire to please God and pursue a life of holiness.

Lovable God, if I turn my back on You even for a short time, I am like a fawn that has run away from its mother and is being pursued by the hunter; it darts and twists in and out of the thickets until it escapes to its lair. Lord, I am fleeing, I am bolting toward You with burning zeal as the deer to the living fountain.

Lord, for a loving heart to be without You for a single hour seems like a whole year, and to be estranged from You for one day is like a thousand years. Therefore, saving branch, spring bloom, red rosebush, open wide Your arms, scatter and spread the blooming branches of Your divine and human nature.

Lord, Your countenance is full of grace, Your mouth speaks only life-diffusing words, and all Your actions are a pure mirror of discipline and gentleness. Oh, You most pleasing sight of all the saints, how truly blessed is the one who is worthy of Your restful espousals.

Eternal Wisdom:

Many are called thereto, but few are chosen.

Cor Jesu, fons vitae et sanctitatis, miserere nobis.

With Eternal Brotherly Love in Christ Richard

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