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Schooling At Home - Your link to an article by Kathryn Morse on Catholic Home Schooling!

Self-knowledge. This article was submitted by Richard S. It was penned by Saint Catherine of Sienna. As you read this fascinating article, imagine you were reading a letter dictated by our Lord to Saint Catherine. As you do, the full meaning and impact of this letter will find its way into your mind and heart!

The ABCs of Faith thanks Richard for sending us this article!

Spiritual Progress - A Short Story

A young man went into a grocery store. Later, his friend asked him if he noticed the pretty cashier. "Of course I noticed her," the young man said. Naturally, he didn't really know her. At the beginning of our spiritual lives, we have some knowledge that there is a Creator, but we don't really know God very well either.

The young man started to go to that young woman's register each time he went to that store. They started to chat, and became friendly. Our spiritual lives may progress similarly. We start to feel a familiarity with God, through prayer, the Mass, and perhaps good spiritual reading.

The man and the woman became friendly. He finally asked her out on a date. The difference between "friendliness" and "friendship" might be described as the intensity of the feelings we have for each other. In our spiritual lives, we seek to spend more time with the Lord, just as we like to spend more time with our friends.

The couple fell in love. Then, they married! They did things to please each other, as a sign of that love. Our love for the Lord is expressed by doing what we know pleases Him. We strive to do God's will, to live His Commandments and law of love. We go to Mass, and participate in the Eucharistic feast, so that we may be one with our Savior.

Just as a loving couple spends their days together, so too should we be mindful to draw closer to God day by day. When we are aware of and seek God's presence, that is a way we show our love for God and deepen our relationship with our Creator and Savior.

Acts 15:1-2, 22-29; Rv. 21:10-14, 22-23; Jn. 14:23-29

Submitted by anonymous. Edited by L. Kovach

Sign of the Cross

The Sign of the Cross is a very ancient action performed by faithful believers. This gesture, demonstrated below dates back to at least the time of Tertullian (circa 230 A.D.), and is likely far older than that.

in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit...

The Sign of the Cross is rich in symbolism as well as history. It is a pious devotion, a prayer, a blessing, statement of faith and more - all rolled into one simple action! With the top motion, one says or thinks - "In the Name of the Father", then with the downward motion, "and of the Son" and the two finally motions "and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!" This prayer demonstrates belief in the Trinity (one God, Three Divine Persons), and is a common way to start or end other prayers, or can be a prayer - and a blessing! - all by itself.

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